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Our Reach

With a reach to all corners of Nepal, with over 75 partners and a presence in over 200+ retail stores, we provide products and services to almost 40 % of the total population directly or indirectly.

Earlier we had operated totally at the back end but now with the changing business environment, we have entered into B2C marketing so that we can decrease the GAP between PINE and its customers. We operate 2 retail stores in capital with our sister concern “Life Infosys” and to provide best service we operate a service centre too. Our retail stores are dedicated for all IT, CCTV products and all related accessories. 

This is just the beginning, we would like to serve our customers with more brands and latest technology in the near future.

We are trying to associate more Brands with us to serve the market with the latest IT products.

At PINE we take our partners along with us as we believe in mutual growth, i.e. we would like to grow along with our partner’s growth.


“We practice ethical business at PINE.”